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Welcome to Studio Shenhav The sculptor and August Rodin said "I am like the Roman bard who answered the screaming crowds Octivius Cano , I sing only for the knights…" in other words, for the chosen few… and who ever does not understand - it is their loss".
What was true for Rodin 130 years ago is still true today for many artists - but Shenhav thinks differently!

His aim is to show his works to as wide a range of viewers as possible. "To present the explanations is like adding a spice to a dish that is not required but adds flavor and pleasure to the experience" Shenhav says. The viewers must have an immediate reaction from the shape and the color presented before them and to have that reaction filtered by the viewers' personal filters, without special education or superior knowledge. "If this stage is a success," says Shenhav, "I am happy to answer any questions the viewers have and I promise not to talk down to them".

Zvi Shenhav
Born December 1954
He studied in the school for Art Teachers in the late 70s. Among his teachers were Elihu Gat (painting), Mitch Biker (sketching), Edwin Solomon (painting), Victor Halabi (sculpting), David Boskovich (painting) and others. He participated in a number of group exhibits and had two successful private showings.
Today is the creative partner in a multimedia studio.

Last exhibition was at the Arts Center at Beit Meirav,
31 Herzfeld St, Holon
Between 17 Nov and 11 December 2007. The exhibition included oil paintings from mid-2006 to today under the title Awakening and Fruition - "First Seeds".
Curator: Udi Rosenoin.

Click here to view photographs from the exhibition

Shenhav relates to seeds to various planes. The primary plane being his own fruition, after a "gestation" of several years … Shenhav returns to pain (mid-2006).

The second plane is a private esthetic of the seeds, a subject which has interested Shenhav for some time. He remarked "as you come closer, you see more" - particular shapes that are passed over under normal circumstances, and never given a second glance. Shenhav observes from up close and investigates the connection between us (humans) and the seeds. "The seeds are the first step in continuation, they are the fruition of all things on our planet, and they are the beginning of the next generation, in plants as well as in animas and humans. "There exists a harmony between plants and animals - live and let live, except in one animal. I am a member of that species, as reluctant as I may be, the only kind of animal involved in the destruction of the planet. I try, through my work, with the meager influence I have been given to cry out "Give a chance to the future generations"!

Shenhav does not give names to his creations, so as not to harm the viewers' purity of thought when viewing the picture. Each painting is given a code made up of letters and numbers (the key to this code is known only to the painter). In each painting is one type of plant or a number of seeds of the same type, a part or parts of a single type of plant.

"God is in the details…you just need to notice them". The artist sees them from both a realist and surrealist points of view. Utilizing oranges, browns and yellows in unique textures, Shenhav presents the visual point that connects the human and plant. This is the point of fruition, of sexuality, of conception.

Shenhav combines compositions of rounded lines slashed with straight lines and covers the majority of space with layers of transparent color. This transparency allows the objects to appear "moist" and shiny and add to the erotic, as well as giving rich shades of color, which are both interesting and intriguing at the same time.

In each painting there exists the wish to convey the message "Give a chance to the future generations" which clashes with the sentiment of "preserve the world child, since we have failed so far", which appears in David D'or's song. Shenhav claims that "we must not pass our problems to the next generations since they will have enough problems of their own. We must make it as easy as possible on them" His message is "think only on how the to make others think about the seeds - theirs' and those of the rest of the world - and to think of how to give them life". Pass the message on …

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